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FattyPillow is one of the richest YouTube Star & listed on most popular YouTube Star. YouTube content creator and Twitch live streamer whose comedic presence has earned him 750,000 subscribers and 500,000 followers on the networks, respectively. Buy Fattypillow Merch Here!

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FattyPillow, also known as Tlustej Kárl and Karel Sivák (born August 15, 1992 in Teb), is a Czech streamer and YouTuber who primarily works as an entertainer.He primarily uses Twitch and, secondarily, YouTube for posting snippets of his Twitch broadcasts.

The FattyPillow account was created on December 1, 2014, and within 11 months it has gained over 142,000 fans on Facebook, 240,000 on YouTube, and over 160,000 on Twitch.

However, this profile is not the first, his earlier YouTube channel with his first work (musical) was created on October 6, 2013 under the pseudonym Fat Kárl. As of May 2021, he already had over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube.

How did FattyPillow get rich?

In 2014, Karel started using his current stage name FattyPillow. He is active on both, Youtube and Twitch and is able to make thousands of CZK per broadcast. His main strength is how funny his videos are. He has 743K subscribers on YouTube and 484K followers on Twitch.While that number of subscribers might not sound as stunning when compared against most famous American YouTubers, it is definitely a huge success for a small European country.

In 2015, FattyPillow moved to Prague with his girlfriend. He is dating a girl named Sara. Meanwhile, he has also begun to make breakthroughs in traditional media and has appeared on several television shows.

In December of 2018, he released a song called “KONTROVERZNÍ” on his YouTube channel, which had one million views within 24 hours of publishing.

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