FattyPillow announces split after five years: I feel helpless, he admits

Well-known YouTuber FattyPillow has had a tough year. A struggle with health and a life confession required a good amount of courage. He took another blow at his conclusion: after five years, his girlfriend broke up with him. “I feel helpless, and I really believe she was one in a billion,” Fatty said on Instagram. He lost the woman; he even decided to put a ring on! However, the breakup is final.

Karel Sivák, aka FattyPillow, fought a difficult battle with his own efforts and health. In the past year, the popular YouTuber decided to deal with his extra pounds, which were subsequently complicated by serious psychological problems, due to which he had to limit his work and was forced to announce his retirement.

Fatty suffered from severe anxiety and depression. Severe anxiety and depression hindered him not only in his daily life but also in his career, and in the worst stages, the famous YouTuber was unable to even go to the store. Fatty talked more about it in his YouTube video. In difficult moments, his girlfriend Jana stood by his side and was always his full support, but that’s the end of it. “It seems appropriate to tell you that the love of my life, the lady with whom we planned a future together, has decided to end the relationship with me. “I didn’t do anything; I still love her, but it’s definitive from Janika’s side,” Fatty announced on Instagram. The pair were together for five years.

The breakup broke him; he feels helpless. Just when it seemed that the popular YouTuber was already back in full force, fate has now dealt him another blow. “She really endured the hardest moments of my life with me, and I don’t know where I would be without her.” I can’t even imagine life without her. “I feel helpless,” Fatty added, adding that Jana was the woman he once planned to put a ring on. The breakup shocked many fans because the couple spent time together just a few days ago and no one expected such news. “We’re with you, Fatty,” hundreds of fans have said.

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